Haven is an Original song I wrote that has that  Old Timey Vintagey feel!! 

The Sweetest Cookie is an Original Song I wrote many moons ago and it’s finally come to life!! I put this video together for some fun! Of course I had to make the best of it as far a Co-Actors go but I think I found an eligible one!!

 "I'm Wanting More" is an original song I wrote about how she has a connection to this person and really wants more of the beautiful moments with them! I am thankful for the beautiful artwork that was put to this song!

We're Still Here is an Original song I wrote! We're Still Here, We're Still Alive.. Some don't get the chance to see another sky.. It's a gift to see another flower bloom.. Were's Still Here.. We're Still Alive..

Mistletoe is an Upbeat, Country, Fun Christmas Original song I wrote! So Grab some Misteltoe!