Sweet As A Morning Ride CD RESPONSES

Wow! I actually started to cry here… I don't know why… its not like this CD is sad… your music is just so beautiful. You are an amazing beautiful spirit and soul, Heather! All of the songs on your new CD are beautiful… breathtaking…amazing!! Oh Heather… I don't even know where to start… I listen to your beautiful songs and this incredible feeling of peace comes over me and I am lost in the melodies and words… the memories they evoke.. the waiting for this CD was so worth it! This album really showcases your amazing talent as both singer and songwriter.

From the opening notes of Where The Jasmine Blooms… I have fallen in love all over again with your music, Heather… your voice is so sweet and clear… the beautiful sound of an angel… and, I really like the dobro here… it just seems to fit so beautifully with the words and the mood of this song.

Do you know how long I have wanted to ask you if Beautiful Vibe would be on your new CD? I really wanted to know, but at the same time, I wanted the CD to be a complete surprise, so I never asked. I remember when you first posted this song on Myspace… I listened to it over and over and over and… lol!! I love the "playful" opening of Beautiful Vibe… so happy and upbeat.. my feet start moving… I want to get up and do a little dance… it's like… I can hear your heart sing here… Beautiful Vibe makes my heart go "boom… boom… boom…

! ♥The Old Willow Tree… I really, really love this song... I love willow trees! ♥ About eight months after Tina brought me out to Portland, we went to stay at a friend's house for a few days… things had been kind of rough for the last couple of months and Tina thought a few days out in the country might be good for me… anyway… they had this big willow tree out in the sideyard… long, flowing branches tickling your head when you would walk under it… there was one of those old wood swings hanging from it… we would sit out there for hours… just swinging gently back and forth… holding each other… that weekend did something for me that months of sessions hadn't… it was… healing. Out in the country… away from everything and everyone. Now… every time I see a willow tree, or hear a song about a willow tree… it brings back memories of that weekend… Thank you!

We've Done This Before… this is a beautiful, beautiful song…the opening bars of this song… and this really surprised me Heather, because I have listened to this song many times before,

and I love it so much…but, listening to it again now…the opening bars on the keyboards…it evokes a very strong memory in me right now… I can almost see her slender fingers moving with a gentle grace over the keys… my mother sitting at the piano in our parlor… sunlight shining through the white lace curtains... warming the room as Mama played. Heather, this is such a beautiful song! Each time I listen to this song... it is almost like hearing it again for the first time…

I love the vocal arrangement on All Because Of You… its kind of hard to explain… its very beautiful!

Wherever You Are… I love the acoustic guitar… it is one of my favorite instruments and you play it beautifully here. David, I love you on the dobro too!

I love the fiddle in Honey Mist… it's a perfect complement to your voice.

I Can't Forget You will probably always be my favorite… there is something about the words… the emotion in this song… it touches me very deeply.

Heather… I love everything about this CD… every single song… it is an amazing album. And, I love the artwork… the photographs are breathtaking! Thank you so much for including the lyrics! I will treasure this always!

I think maybe the best thing about your music... for me... is that every time I listen... it is a new experience for me.

Congratulations, Sweetie! This is AWESOME!! And to everyone who collaborated and worked with you to make this the huge success that it is... THANK YOU!! ~Ronnie Lewis