Sweet As A Morning Ride CD RESPONSES


Artist: Heather Richards
Album: Sweet As A Morning Ride
Review by Bobby Jo Valentine//CD BABY

Sweet As A Morning Ride is a wonderful, earthy, honest album full of great lyrical sensibility and melodic beauty. Heather Richards has a great sense of musical arrangement and harmony, with some beautiful string pieces mixing with pleasant, smooth lyrics that will charm and melt the coldest of hearts. There is a recurring theme of nature and love throughout the track, but good songwriting and a personal, memorable voice in Heather Richards adds just the right amount of variety to make the entire album well worth listening to.

Heather jumps into a wonderful song of letting go and opening herself up to what life has to offer in "Where the Jasmine Blooms" The chorus swells with a wonderful harmony and a passionate outburst of emotion. "Now I can feel all of this/Now I can feel all of this/Going to dance and sing about it where the jasmine blooms." A simple drum beat and string section supports this love song to nature and living a full life. On the next song, "Here the Bird Sings," a beautiful Celtic-style string arrangement carries the song through a sacred place of nature, and has Heather giving tribute to the wonders around her. A very beautiful and inspiring track, the only disappointment that the listener will have when this song finishes is that it didn't last longer.

"When the Sky Begins To Fall" is the first love song on the album, and although it feels a little slow at times, there are some beautiful moments with a mandolin backing the song. Heather sings about staying with her lover until the end. "Nothing will tear down our wall/when the sky begins to fall." "Beautiful Vibe" starts out with a beautiful, soulful organ, and quickly transfers into a playful tune about the positive energy a good relationship creates. "Beautiful Vibe" is just plain fun, and its catchy beat and romantic lyrics puts this among the album's best.

Other standout tracks include "All Because of You," another fantastic love song about the transformation that happens when love arrives. "Out in the distance/the world looked black and white/You showed me colors/when you came into my life." This is a recurring compliment, but the strings once again are amazing on this track. "The Old Willow Tree" starts out with a babbling brook sound, and takes you away to Heather sitting by an old tree, recalling memories of another life. "Nothing More Beautiful" has a wonderful, driving rhythm to it, with organic percussion and a catchy, simple chorus. "There's nothing more beautiful than your love."

Heather writes about simple things; nature, love, the value of having time away from the rush of a busy culture. But she does it well, and her sense of melody, honest voice, and dynamic arrangements carry the listener smoothly and pleasantly through the album. A lot of the lyrics have a personal poignancy about them that will give the listener an emotional attachment to Heather and her stories. The themes might not be totally new or original, but the music is overwhelmingly well done, and Heather has created a touching, significant, and beautiful album that has some incredible things to say about love, life, and waking up to the beauty all around.

Review by Bobby Jo Valentine
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Dear Heather, Thank You so much. The photos tell of a simple time. The music takes one to a simpler time. Full of nature and quietness. I have listened to it many times over our break. It is inspirational & folksy. "Every footstep in life trembles with possibilities; every miles is big with destiny. "--Mrs. Stewart--School teacher


I'd like to let you know how much this album means to me. I've found it healing and soulful. I mean soul full. It speaks to me. Your music is beautiful and so are you. I love love love this album and I hope it receives a lot of attention. You are doing a wonderful job. Great videos too. Keep it up girl, you've got a beautiful journey ahead. Many Hugs, ~ Julianne Ziefle~ (Texas)

Wow!  Beautiful CD, beautiful song Dear Heather,
I'm enjoying your CD and especially love having the song booklet and looking over the beautiful photos (please give Lenny my congrats on the great photography!).
Honeymist is my favorite, it's so sultry.... Thank you so much and thank you for sharing these beautiful songs with all of us! ~Anne Ross (North Myrtle Beach SC)

I was making stew while I listened the first time.  It took me longer than usual because I kept stopping to listen.  I've listened twice so far and I am sure I will listen a few more time before the day is over.  This is definitely a CD NOT to listen to if you are single.  It really makes you want to be love.  It's so heart-breakingly beautiful.  (that's a complement by the way)  I am going to listen a few more times..... ~Deach

Hey Heather.  My new job has me commuting a lot which means I have had a lot of time to spend with your CD.  No matter how many times I listen to "We've Done This Before", the chord at :08 always gets to me.  LOVE IT!  and the fiddle on "Honey Mist" just kicks ass!  I listen to your entire CD daily and it really makes my long commute bearable.

Hope you're doing well.~Deach

"I have heard a LOT of CDs over the years and i am not just being nice here but bluntly honest. Your CD sounds SO clear it is literally like you are right here singing it. I have NEVER heard a CD so clean. Your voice is amazing. I love all of the tracks. I will be listening to it over and over for a while in my car. listening closer to the lyrics. The music fits the vibe of each song perfectly.

Thank you for calling me a True Poet. ;-) I tip my quill to you. LOL"~Mark Cote

Hi heather,

Just  wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your new CD.
The songs were beautifully written and recorded and
your voice and delivery excellent. Let me know when you finish your DVD , I am looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.~Warren Hedden

Heather Richards somehow manages to tame the wild beast inside of you with songs that speak the words your emotions want to express.  The title of her new CD, "Sweet as a Morning Ride," is so appropriate.  It sure is sweet, and pure, and feels like a summer day.
~ Chris Wienk, PD,  Exit 97.7, WEXT, Amsterdam