I am a singer/songwriter from Upstate NY enjoying the ride at my own pace & dedicating my life to a journey of music. My main focus in life has always been to share my talent; because I truly believe music can heal the soul.

In order to deal with and release my emotions I write lyrics and melodies to stay sane. I said sane, not normal, because I don't think I've yet to meet an artist that I can call normal; including myself. Is that such a bad thing?

My life unyieldingly revolves around singing and writing songs. I couldn't imagine it any other way; it's a release from the world where I feel so earthbound. My life is, and has always been, extremely passionate. In fact, I feel as though I have a very blessed life and I am truly thankful for that. When I say blessed, I do not mean in a materialistic sense. Life is worth the journey even through the mistakes. I wish the same blessed life to everyone.

For those fans requesting my debut album, "Take A Chance On Me," it is currently SOLD OUT. The good news is I am finally releasing my second full-length album in October 2010! The new album radiates an organic earthy feel and takes you to a place of daydreaming & innocence. This collection of songs will draw you in with their gentle energy & simplicity. My inspirations derive from numerous sources such as God, nature, wildlife, my family, my friends & fans, and my inner being. I appreciate many forms of music; in all types of genres.

I am also proud to say my album was recorded in a studio using 100% solar power.

My response would be easy if someone were to ask me what I want most in life. I want people who are REAL, people that BELIEVE, and people who have DEPTH, PEACE, KINDNESS, LOVE, PASSION, BEAUTY, and LIGHT: anyone that spreads light.